9 Tips to Boost Your Motivation

There are days when you will struggle to do even the easiest task. A short email can feel like an hour long torture session. These days can really test your will. These rough days also give you a great opportunity to achieve significant personal growth at work. When you are struggling the most, you should …

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The 100-100 Divide

In a perfect work environment we give 100% and our company gives 100%. Of course this never happens because we make choices based on how well we think we are treated. If your company didn’t give you a promotion, that you thought you deserved, would you still work as hard the next day? No? Wow, …

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Value In Effort

(Can’t see the video? Then try watching it at Work Happy Now – Value In Effort) The value that you feel you are giving matters. That’s what this video discusses. I talk about connecting to your actions and how easy it is to stay motivated when you care.

Motivated By Mistakes

(Trouble viewing the video? Then click here and try watching it at Work Happy Now) How can you use mistakes to motivate you? That’s what this video explores. I used to mentally beat myself up after every mistake. I was killing my own confidence. I needed to learn how to use mistakes as a way …

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An Itch You Can’t Scratch

(Click here to view video at Work Happy Now) We all have itches we can’t scratch. The question is…How do you deal with it? This video post discusses how to deal with your itch and figure out a way to indirectly scratch it, so you feel satisfied and ready to scratch that itch when the …

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Work Worth Doing

Once again the great lady, Gretchen Rubin, over at the Happiness Project gave me a post idea. She was talking to Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the Justice gave her some advice on happiness that I couldn’t agree more with. “I can tell you what I believe is the secret to a happy life,” she said. “What’s …

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