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Simple CRM Systems that Work with Adrienne Bellehumeur

Join us for a discussion about how you can develop a simple CRM system that works well for your business. Adrienne Bellehumeur, author of 24 Hour Rule, shares her tips on developing a simple CRM system with simple tips to apply in your process. Karl also shares how you can build systems to create a CRM process that works well for your business.

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1. Simple CRM Philosophies

Adrienne discusses three key CRM philosophies: 1) CRM is about the process, not just the tool; 2) CRM is about keeping the door open with clients, not just opening it; and 3) CRM is especially important for non-sales people who only sell part-time, as it helps them stay organized.

2. Effective Follow-Up Strategies

Adrienne shares two powerful follow-up techniques: 1) “Dripping” – doing a small amount of follow-up consistently (e.g. 2 contacts per day), which compounds over time; and 2) “Batching” – doing larger bursts of follow-up outreach (e.g. 20-30 emails) to maximize the chances of a sale.

3. CRM Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Adrienne provides a simple CRM “cheat sheet” for those just getting started: 1) Maintain a contact database, 2) Track active sales campaigns, 3) Prioritize open opportunities, and 4) Set reminders and follow-up tasks.

4. The Power of the 24-Hour Rule

Adrienne explains the “24-hour rule” – the idea that processing information and taking action within 24 hours of a client interaction is crucial, as our memory and connection to the details fades quickly over time. This is a key principle for effective CRM.

5. Recap and Next Steps

Adrienne and Karl summarize the key takeaways from their discussion on simplified CRM strategies, noting that the simple approaches they covered can be highly impactful, even for more complex businesses. They discuss plans to potentially turn the conversation into a podcast.

You can learn more about Adrienne Bellehumeur at Bellehumeur Company or on LinkedIn.

Here is the YouTube recording, which didn’t record our shared screen because I didn’t have this setting turned on. I thought y’all would still like to view it:

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