The Perfect Drug to Revive a Work Day

Sick and tired of taking those man-made drugs that drag you down? Then try my magic drug that’s all natural.

A nap.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Hey, if you would like to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve your Short-term memory
  • Increase your patience and motivation
  • Process information more efficiently

Then you will love “the nap.”


Ok, the infomercial is now over. Just having a little fun.

Napping during an afternoon break may just be that boost that can separate you from the crowd. You’ll be less prone to making mistakes. Many of your co-workers may be downing coffee or something even more potent, just trying to push through their sleepiness.

If you can add a nap that lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, which fits into your natural body rhythms, you can increase your productivity. It’s the best natural drug to enhance any career when you’re feeling like you are on the edge of burnout.

When I’m feeling sluggish I like to take naps in my car for a half hour during lunch. It’s usually on a Thursday and Friday afternoon, when the work week takes its toll and I need to refresh myself without overdoing the caffeine.


Plus, your skin will look more vibrant and healthy. Who doesn’t want to look sexy and refreshed? Freshly matted hair is beautiful on everyone.


Are you afraid to take a nap during lunch? Would your work ever have a place designated for naps?

Nap rooms are so cool. Here is one I found at Intuit.

Let us know what your company does to keep you refreshed.


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9 thoughts on “The Perfect Drug to Revive a Work Day”

  1. As usual, Karl, you are RIGHT on time. I just posted this vid on feeling super guilty for taking a nap yesterday: and now you’ve got me feeling proud of myself! Thank you so much!

    Now–to build the perfect naproom!


  2. I would not have gotten through college without naps. I’m beginning to wonder why I ever quit taking them. Just because I now have a ‘real’ job I shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking ‘sexy and refreshed.’

  3. I’m not really a napper, but I like to take breaks.

    We have a bunch of scenic walks around campus, from a fish pond to soccer fields to rows of Evergreens.

  4. Hi Karl: I agree that a nap can do wonders, and it’s so much more refreshing than loading up on coffee, junk food, and soft drinks. I love that Intuit has a nap room 🙂

  5. Hi Dyana, when you get that nap room set-up, send me a picture. 🙂

    Hi Nathan, waking up is hard, but worth the pain.

    Hi J.D., there have been studies that show taking breaks are almost as effective as a nap. As long as you are taking time to recharge the battery I think you are doing good.

    Hi Christine, love is a strong description and very aptly used.

    Hi Scott, that’s right! We all deserve to feel sexy and look refreshed.

    Hi Marelisa, I wish my company had a nap room.

  6. Hi Karl,
    Just yesterday, I came home from work and I was really dragging. So, I sat down on the sofa, in silence, and took a 20 minute nap. When I woke up, I was refreshed, and ready to take on the evening I had in front of me! Now…if I could just do that at work (the car idea might be a good one!). It doesn’t have to be long to come out and feel refreshed.

  7. My husband sometimes naps at work – closes his door and puts his head down for 10 minutes. I don’t nap a lot – though as I get older, I do find myself allowing for them more. 🙂 And strangely enough, I don’t always feel more refreshed, but I do have more energy and find that I’m getting things done.

    In fact, right now might be a good time to take 10…or 20.

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