Results are Only 1% of the Story

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There is so much more to a project than just the results. If you play a game to win then you are setting yourself up for emotional pain. If you play to enjoy the game and you win in the process then you are creating emotional freedom.

Don’t depend on the results for your happiness. Enjoy the buildup, process, and the result and you will walk home a happy person.


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4 thoughts on “Results are Only 1% of the Story”

  1. One cutting question I like to use is, “did we enjoy the journey?”

    Just asking that reminds everyone we’re on an adventure and it’s the journey, not just the destination.

  2. Hi Karl,
    While results are important, you are so right about them really being just a small part of the whole picture. And just because we don’t get the result we want, that doesn’t mean we’ve failed. In the tennis match, just getting to the round where these two gentlemen were is a big success. And like J.D. is saying, it’s about the journey of getting there – the other 99%. Great stuff to remember Karl…

  3. Great video! 🙂 You’re definitely right on with the idea that results are only a small part of everything. I really like the question JD posed in his comment. Such a good one and really relevant to this topic.

  4. Thanks for this. One thing I’ve also noticed is that being able to enjoy the process is a great source of motivation — if we hate what we’re doing in the moment, like answering that e-mail or writing that presentation, and we’re just dreaming of the money or vacation we want, we won’t be as effective.

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