hidden opportunities

Find Your Hidden Opportunities

I often ask my kids “Would you rather” questions. They love it because it gets them thinking. I love asking them questions like… Would you rather have the superpower to turn invisible or be super strong? My one son would rather be super strong while my other son would like to be invisible. The idea …

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coaching introverts

Coaching Introverts

It’s hard coaching introverts because they often don’t speak out when they need help. If they don’t speak up, it’s harder to help them. Being able to coach someone at work requires that they share what is going on inside of them and letting you into their life. I was recently working with a client, …

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Coaching Employees Isn’t Easy

I used to hate coaching employees. It would always turn into an awkward conversation. I would stumble around and be afraid to be honest with them. Being honest is not easy, but it’s vital to helping someone do more of the work that energizes them. If the conversations are shallow and there is no depth …

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