December 2008

Mind Training Matters

I found an excellent talk from the website TED. Matthieu Ricard is a monk who emphasizes the importance of developing emotional intelligence. He presents the idea that we can train the mind so it handles situations in the way that we want to. Some of these monks have such intense control that when a bomb …

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Day 16 of 30 – No Complaining

No complaining can feel fake. I complain to get empathy. This social skill that I’ve strengthened and perfected over the last thirty years is no longer available. This isn’t easy to let go. Like I said in my last update – Day 8 of No Complaining, I’ve fallen off the complaining wagon many times. I’ve …

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Stress Relief for the Creative

I’ve signed up for Google Tech Talks. They are sent to my inbox each week. The video in this post is a great example of why Google is the work happy master. Your company could watch a Google video each week to help with stress relief, productivity, and work happiness. It’s a fantastic resource that we should …

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