Value In Effort

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The value that you feel you are giving matters. That’s what this video discusses. I talk about connecting to your actions and how easy it is to stay motivated when you care.

How does the value you extract from your effort affect your motivation?

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8 thoughts on “Value In Effort”

  1. Great to meet the new little guy in your life! Enjoy all the moments…

    Value. Yes, when we feel that we’re adding value, it does up our productivity, and really our happiness. Even if it’s something that we may not particularly like to do, if we feel like we’re contributing, then that really helps. As a manager, that’s a good thing to remember – as sometimes people will have to do things they may not like. And if we as manager can let them know they are adding value, it may just make that project a little easier (and a little better).

  2. Well put and there’s a lot to be said for acknowledging value. One of the best lenses for me was realizing that value is in the eye of the beholder and to distinguish between when I’m driving value for somebody else or when it’s really for me … and finding ways to bridge when needed.

  3. Hi Lance, having a little baby is a lot of work and a lot of fun. I feel that I’m contributing to his happiness and development. That makes me happy and the happiness cycle continues on.

    Hi J.D., it’s about creating that emotional bridge that encourages us to do great work. Once we got that bridge it’s easy to stay motivated.

  4. You have an adorable and handsome son!! Glad you gave us a chance to see him.

    Having value or seeing the value in what you do is very important. That was one of the reasons why I left my previous job. Although there was value in what I was doing per se…I didn’t feel the value because it wasn’t what I enjoyed or envisioned for myself for my career.

    My new job…believe it or not, I have significantly more work (in amount and responsibility) but because I do enjoy it even at it’s more challenging moments, I am able to appreciate the value of doing my best and willing to do the extra that it takes to do my job well.

  5. Hi Nichole, the work load doesn’t matter so much when you love what you do. Just remember to take breaks throughout the day to keep that stress level nice and low.

    Hi Chris, when we contribute to others it’s so much easier to feel connected to our work.

  6. Stephen - Rat Race Trap

    Hello Karl and Gavin? Did I get the name right?

    Anyway I agree and it is all about the attitude one brings to what one does. I struggle with this sometimes, but I am getting much better at finding a way to be happy doing things that in an ideal world (my idea of an ideal world) I wouldn’t be doing.

    Thanks for your great blog Karl 🙂

  7. I’m glad to stumble upon your website. I’m in the process of leaving my current employer because I don’t feel valued or appreciated at work. I’m smart, dedicated, productive and produce quality work, but after 4 years of not receiving any recognition and even witholding my promotion, I gave up. I cannot change management so I’m changing jobs. I’m hoping management realizes they had the best and they should have treated me better (when I’m gone).

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