Emotional Tools for Better Working

The Hidden Cost of Depression

Feeling depressed at work sucks. I’ve been there. I was unmotivated and lacked any inspiration at many of my jobs. In fact, I got so low that I wrote a book called 92 Things to Do Besides Commit Suicide. I never published it, but it was a great exercise in creativity. You may suffer from …

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4 Steps to Conquer Self-Sabotage

The habit of self-sabotage is both the cause and effect of low self-esteem. Not believing in your abilities, strengths, and talents can make you question your every move. Whenever you have fears of not being good enough, it plants thoughts of self-doubt and inadequacy, leaving you depleted of energy and robbing you of your momentum. …

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Day 9 of 30 – Meditation Challenge

Have you ever heard that the more you resist something the more you need it? I’ve been meditating 10 minutes a day for the past 9 days and it’s been a struggle. I find myself getting lost in thoughts or stretching my neck or