October 2011

Tell Stories

The success of your business depends on how well you can convey your best stories to your potential customers. I was recently on a call with a lady who wanted to throw a Twitter party around her three books. I was giving her all the facts, but none of the glory of a great party. …

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Be the Rabbit with Focus

Almost everyone loves the story of the tortoise and the hare. It’s a classic. I hate it! It’s too limiting. If everyone thinks of themselves at the tortoise, nothing would get done. Yes, I understand the story’s concept. If you stick with something you’ll win the marathon in the end. The rabbit has the superpower …

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Open Up

You are hiding from your fear of the unknown. You don’t want to face the challenge that a new conversation can bring. You talk to the same people. Eat the same food at your favorite restaurant.

Sometimes You Forget

You forget why you started doing your work in the first place. You think that there has to be an easier way. A way that doesn’t take up so much time. There isn’t.

The Difference

Every time you visit a store there are rarely neutral emotions after your experience is over. I recently went into Randalls grocery store to buy some bread. As I walked in I saw this soda box display. It made me whisper to myself, “That’s cool.” Whenever I utter the words cool I try to remember …

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Pound It Hard

Do you know what a builder would say if you asked, “How do you hammer in the nail?” If he didn’t laugh in your face he would tell you to swing the hammer on top of the nail until it goes in the wood. Simple and no need for a detailed tutorial. Learning how to …

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