Finding Your Passion

Find Your Spotlight Value

Your values help guide you through life. Each one is like a little teacher. They help you make choices based on the circumstances. When I was a teenager I valued acceptance more than being kind. I went along with friends to throw eggs at a teacher’s home. The whole time my inner voice kept saying …

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How to Get Your Spark Back

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they stop attempting new challenges in their career. They coast and then start to hate their job. The key to getting the spark back in your career is to look at how you view your work. I had a client who lost her spark and couldn’t find …

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Our Choices Add Up

Bad choices will be made, we can’t stop this, but it’s how we learn and improve our decision making skills that help us create a career we love and grows with us. Each choice you make either builds your happiness or subtracts from it. Last year I had to choose between two events that I …

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