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Lead Your Employees with Lucy Rowell

Join us for an in-depth conversation about leadership challenges and strategies for connecting with your people. Lucy Rowell has 20+ years of corporate leadership experience and now runs her agency. One of my favorite parts of the interview was her story about one of her favorite leaders from her career and why she was so good as a leader.

1. Leadership challenges and solutions

Lucy discusses an experience when she struggled as a leader and realized she needed to take action. She then shares how communicating context and being transparent with teams helps overcome challenges even if all members don’t fully agree.

It’s not about getting everyone to buy in, but about explaining the why, which helps people get on board even if they aren’t in full agreement with the decision.

2. Communication strategies for leaders

Weekly emails from Theresa, Lucy’s mentor, helped teams feel connected by sharing wins across departments with a personal touch, teaching the importance of communication style and frequency for engaged followership.

3. Decision-making frameworks for leaders

Considering diverse perspectives helps mitigate blindspots, though not all will fully agree; transparency in drivers and vision aids understanding to get buy-in even from dissenters. Experimenting also helps us learn from inevitable mistakes.

4. Importance of diverse perspectives for leaders

Surrounding oneself with differing thinkers offsets weaknesses and prevents echo chambers, though introverts may need reminders to broaden networks; regular self-reflection further enhances awareness of blind spots.

5. Building self-awareness as a leader

Journaling daily wins and areas for improvement plants seeds for growth, as does clarifying values to make choices aligning with long-term vision. Coaching also aids in recognizing habitual thought patterns.

6. Experimenting and learning from mistakes

Viewing attempts as experiments shifts mindsets from failure to learning, allowing for small tests before committing; even costly errors become growth accelerators when met with self-forgiveness and understanding of ego-stories.

7. Top Recommendations

Learn what books Lucy likes to share with friends and colleagues.

Learn more about Lucy Rowell on the Impactful Authenticity website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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