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Covid Panic Attack

I took a breath in and my lungs pinched. My eyes popped open. It was a weird feeling. I took another breath in and I coughed. This wasn’t good. My wife tested positive for Covid-19 the day before. I was on edge. Did I have Covid? Was I going to die? What would happen to …

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Career Pivot with Chris Gaskill

Chris Gaskill is an amazing entrepreneur who built a thriving website development business and is pivoting into coaching professional gamers. This is a fascinating conversation because Chris is in the middle of his career pivot and talks through how he navigates these uncharted waters in his career. As we do a dive deep into his …

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How to Get Your Spark Back

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they stop attempting new challenges in their career. They coast and then start to hate their job. The key to getting the spark back in your career is to look at how you view your work. I had a client who lost her spark and couldn’t find …

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