The Dig to Fly Podcast

Podcasting helps you dive deeper because of the nature of the medium. You can listen to the dialog while you walking, driving or just sitting in your favorite chair sipping a cup of coffee. You get to listen to people's voice inflection which adds another layer of learning. Podcasting has made a big impact on my life. I've learned from so many authors, speakers and entrepreneurs and have found ways to grow personally and professionally and that's why I wanted to start a podcast to help you.

I'm so much happier than I've ever been before. I'm happier at home. I'm happier in my own skin. I’m happier when I fail. None of this would be possible without digging deep to get a better understanding of how my mind works. When I lean into my curiosity I'm able to dive deeper into myself to uncover what truly helps me succeed and feel happy.

Not enough people are deep diving into their mindset and how they've cultivated their thoughts and emotions to reach success and happiness. They talk about accomplishments, but what habits did they create to get there. What did they do to build confidence? What do they currently struggle with each day and how do they process these struggles to find opportunities?

I have these deep dive conversations in these podcast interviews so you can learn from these amazing people's struggles and use their stories as stepping stones to improve your lives. Come and join me for the ride where two people open up and share what really works for them as they dig deep to fly high.

A few great episodes that you can listen to see if you want to check it out before you subscribe:

Stop Talking Yourself Out of Taking on a Hard Project with Phil Gerbyshak

Deepening Your Mindset Practice with Marsha Shandur

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