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Close Communication Gaps with Jim Stevenson

Join us for an interview about delivering on expectations inside your business. This conversation was with Jim Stevenson, a founder and international growth consultant. One of my favorite parts of the interview is when he talks about closing communication gaps with an informal check-in system.

Top Five Highlights from the interview:

1. Agile methodologies and continuous improvement

Jim explained how agile principles of prioritizing value over process and delivering work iteratively helped transform how he builds organizations. Continuous improvement is key to reviewing whether the work remains optimally directed.

2. Tracking value over activity and delivering early

Jim argued for focusing on outcomes, not outputs, by delivering work incrementally and constantly validating its value. This prevents wasting months on potentially misguided work. Small, frequent deliveries also make course corrections easier.

3. Communication challenges and building trust

Communication difficulties often arise between organizational silos. Jim advocated for regular, informal check-ins to foster understanding and connection across teams. An open-door policy encourages addressing issues proactively.

4. Leadership lessons from mentors

Key mentors taught Jim sales, introduced agile practices, and how to prioritize outcomes. Adopting new strategies requires patience and educating skeptical colleagues over reprimanding them. Learning happens gradually when people feel heard.

5. Learning from mistakes and improving processes

Jim admitted to botching a client deal due to overreliance on experience over process. He now has stricter onboarding procedures to catch funding issues earlier. Success stems from acknowledging errors to continuously enhance one’s work.

You can learn more about Jim Stevenson over at Founder and CEO of Bletchley Group. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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