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Dig to Fly with Vicky Hsu

Restorative Habits with Vicky Hsu

Vicky Hsu is the founder of Habitica. A company that focuses on helping people gamify their habits to make lasting change. In this interview we deep dive into Vicky’s mindset and what she has learned about building good habits. Highlights from the interview: How she got into the habits arena. Habit RPG. What she was …

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101 Tips to Make Work More Fun

Too often we forget this simple rule: Fun is a necessary part of life. When work is fun, you are doing great work and, you don’t dread work, you look forward to it. You look forward to laughing, sharing, and growing. Now that’s motivating! So let’s look at a lot of different ways to make …

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How to Stop Office Negativity

What do you think would happen if everyone in your office vowed to stop spreading negativity? Would it improve the communication in your office or maybe reduce the daily stress that you feel? The majority of your time is spent at work.  Regardless of whether you love your job, or whether it's only a necessity …

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Rehumanize Business - Part 1

Too many businesses are worried about playing it safe. They don’t want to uncover the bad stuff that is happening in their business, so they look the other way instead. Human Resources is there to protect the company. Upper management only wants to know about positive sales figures. Who can most employees turn to? They …

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