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Warren Buffett’s System to Save Time

Warren Buffett, the renowned billionaire investor, grappled with managing an ever-increasing workload.  He wasn’t able to focus on his top priorities. The things that made his business money.  Despite his incredible success, he realized he needed to find a way to save time and streamline his business operations to focus on what truly mattered. Being …

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How to Get Over a Bad Decision

Do you ever wish you could take back a bad decision? Investing in Bitcoin when it was at its all-time high. Anyone? Just me?  I’ve said “Yes” to the wrong opportunities and “No” to the right ones. It’s only by looking back on these situations that I’ve learned to improve my decision-making skills. Many of …

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hidden opportunities

Find Your Hidden Opportunities

I often ask my kids “Would you rather” questions. They love it because it gets them thinking. I love asking them questions like… Would you rather have the superpower to turn invisible or be super strong? My one son would rather be super strong while my other son would like to be invisible. The idea …

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