Hi there, I’m Karl Staib. I help people professional decision-makers make better decisions by building systems so that they save time and money.

I believe everyone can develop simple systems that get them big results. The key is to peel away the layers so you make better decisions faster.

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This is me speaking at the Leadership Success Summit.

Here is the deal. I consult, coach, and speak to audiences about building internal systems that works for their personality. I’ve been training entrepreneurs since 2008 and have helped thousands of people become happier and more successful. I do this by using the Dig to Fly Method.

About Karl Staib

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2010, laid off from my job in 2011, and both difficult situations were also blessings in disguise. It was and still feels unreal. I could have thrown in the white towel, but these experiences only helped me hone in on living my passions. I stopped doing work that didn’t fit with my passions, focus and strengths and worked on things I truly cared about. Of course I was scared and still get scared of failure, but it’s natural. I use it as a motivational tool.

I’m a seasoned speaker, author of the book Bring Gratitude and writer who helps entrepreneurs build systems that save them time and money. This allows people to be happier, more productive and do work that they care about. I’m really a big nerd with some cool superpowers. I love my family, my dog (when she isn’t digging in my backyard), Yoga, business books, and journaling.


My son and I on an adventure at the missions in San Antonio.


My dog and I in our backyard before throwing the ball for her in our backyard. She recently passed away, but I don’t have the heart to take this picture down.

Before we get any further. I have a confession.

My confession to you is that I hated every job I’ve ever had. I gave into my arch nemesis (negative inner voice). My internal negative chatter made me perpetually unhappy. It’s why I wanted to learn the concepts of how to be more grateful. I wanted to solve what 80% of small business owners saying “Yes!” to the right tasks and projects and “No” to the energy draining tasks and projects.

I know that the people who have work worth doing live with a purpose. It’s this purpose that helps get their best work done.

For over 7 years I have uncovered secrets to doing work we love, building systems that empower us and improving leaders ability to help their employees improve their focus, live their passions, and leverage their strengths at work. Utilizing our superpowers helps us sleep better, enjoy our families, and live our greatness.

We don’t have a lot of time on this earth. Why waste it doing work that doesn’t utilize your unique talents as well as the people around you?

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