January 2009

Struggling at Work

  Changes at work can be a difficult adjustment. I’m going through some changes right now and I wanted to share my thoughts through video.

Does Your Mission Inspire?

  Google’s motto is “Do no Evil.” They probably decided on this because of all the back stabbing and money grabbing in today’s corporate environment. They wanted to send a statement out to the public that they are there to help them connect with the information they need, but they aren’t going to do it …

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Open and Honest Communication

Google has a weekly gathering of employees. Whether it be a meeting online or face-to-face, they gather as many employees together as possible to discuss topics and happenings that occurred during the week. The best part is that employees can ask any question that they want. Senior members and other employees must answer the questions …

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Surviving Layoffs

A rough economy has a backlash in all directions. Companies are looking to keep their investors happy. If they’re not selling products they’ll be looking to trim the fat. You may not think you are part of the fat, but the higher ups might not see it the same way. It’s up to you to …

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