Gratitude Series

I asked some of the most caring and thoughtful people to participate in a short gratitude series. You can learn so much from people when you understand what they care about, what they’ve been able to overcome and what they do on a daily basis that has helped their lives. Here are the interviews I …

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Build Upon Your Appreciation Habits

Showing gratitude is important, but the true benefit is building stronger relationships. You want relationships with people that will last for many years. This takes work. The better you get at supporting others, understanding them and making adjustments to how you appreciate them the more your relationships will grow. Make sure to use the 3 …

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sharing a moment

Make Time to Share Appreciation

The next step on your practice of sharing appreciation journey is making time to share gratitude with friends, family and coworkers. I started small. This is an important point. Don’t expect to send 15 messages of appreciation today. Start small. Choose one or two people close to you. I started by sending my mom a …

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