April 2014

Do You Have Career Superpowers?

How do you think you would feel about your career if you believed you have superpowers that others need? It’s an inspirational way to look at your career passions, focus and strengths. As a kid who grew up with a German father and Icelandic mother, I had both practicality and whimsy infused into my DNA. …

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* The Unlock Your Superpowers Manifesto is being released very soon. If you want a sneak peek at the first section, please fill out this 5 min survey. Great questions are so much better than great answers because they help us dig within to find out what we truly want to happen. When you ask …

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How to Complete Your Projects

One of my weaknesses is putting the finishing touches on a project. I can develop, design, write and create, but can’t put the “fancy” on a project – that extra touch to make it shine. I hired an editor to help me with the Unlock Your Superpowers Manifesto. It’s coming out very soon. I’m great …

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