Covid Panic Attack

I took a breath in and my lungs pinched. My eyes popped open. It was a weird feeling. I took another breath in and I coughed. This wasn’t good. My wife tested positive for Covid-19 the day before. I was on edge. Did I have Covid? Was I going to die? What would happen to …

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Dig to Fly Podcast Launch

The attention to detail was exquisite. The chef placed a small purple edible petal on a scallop then looked at it from above, then from the diner’s point of view, then on the side at table level. You could see the focus and attention to detail that made him a top chef. Why did he …

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Create Deeper Friendships

“I can’t believe he did it again,” I complained to my co-worker. She laughed, “It’s what he always does. He asks for your input then completely ignores it.” I laughed. Then we both laugh a little harder. It felt good to connect with Amy in this way. We were having fun together. Then after the …

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