Motivated By Mistakes

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How can you use mistakes to motivate you? That’s what this video explores.

I used to mentally beat myself up after every mistake. I was killing my own confidence. I needed to learn how to use mistakes as a way to give myself energy instead of sucking the life out of me. I figured it out. Can you?


Sometimes we forget why we are creating relationships with customers/clients. Naomi of Ittybiz does an excellent job of explaining why we need to focus on giving value so people keep coming back to buy our stuff.


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3 thoughts on “Motivated By Mistakes”

  1. Matt | Focused Awareness

    If we are bogged down by our mistakes we can never progress toward our ultimate aspiration. I look back on older things I have written, or times when I have missed the mark and realize those mistakes are areas for improvement. As you were saying mistakes are often associated with negative emotions, if we re-associate mistakes with improvement we can call up positive emotions.

    When we see mistakes as a opportunities for positive improvement they become just another part of life and the ongoing development of ourselves. Because that development should be the ultimate goal, we have see every part of the road as necessary, the acclaims and accidents.

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