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Joy Spotting with Jeanette Cajide

In this interview, you’ll learn about building your resilience so you can do things that help you break through your fear. Jeanette Cajide is Technology Executive and author. One of my favorite parts is how she learned to ask for help. Highlights from the interview: You can learn more about Jeanette over at her blog …

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The Shift

Cancer has been a part of my life for the past 10 years. I had testicular cancer and I remember going in for radiation treatments. I would go in right before lunch. Do my treatment. Go back to work, get very tired and power through the day. My mindset around work was weak at best. …

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Choose Laughter

He stopped his car right in front of me, backed into a driveway, and started turning around. “What are you doing!” I screamed at the man. I was on a mission. I needed gas and this guy was turning around right in front of me. As he turned around he drove right by me without …

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