Work Worth Doing

Once again the great lady, Gretchen Rubin, over at the Happiness Project gave me a post idea. She was talking to Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the Justice gave her some advice on happiness that I couldn’t agree more with.

“I can tell you what I believe is the secret to a happy life,” she said.

“What’s that, Justice?” I asked. (Sidenote: when you speak directly to a Justice, you address him or her as “Justice” – e.g., “Justice, the cert petitions are here.” This, I always thought, must act as a frequent reminder to them about the value they are supposed to embody!) “What’s your secret?”

“Work worth doing,” she answered firmly.

We all need to believe in the work we are doing otherwise we are just going through the motions.


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4 thoughts on “Work Worth Doing”

  1. I read that post over at The Happiness Project too and it’s such a great one! I agree that it’s so important to work on something that is worth doing. If we don’t, we are just going through the motions and, most likely, living a very boring life.

  2. Stephen - Rat Race Trap

    Karl, “Work worth doing.” Three powerful words. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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