Work Happiness

Where is Your Focus

(email subscribers: click here to go to Work Happy Now to view the video) What you focus on will determine how much joy you can extract from a situation. When you can focus your thoughts on enjoying the moment instead of trying to reach a goal, success will come naturally.

Stress Relief for the Creative

I’ve signed up for Google Tech Talks. They are sent to my inbox each week. The video in this post is a great example of why Google is the work happy master. Your company could watch a Google video each week to help with stress relief, productivity, and work happiness. It’s a fantastic resource that we should …

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Alltop Loves Me

What is Alltop you ask? Alltop is a site that takes the best blog feeds from all types of categories and displays them on their site. Their description of what they do goes like this…   Alltop’s Purpose We help you explore your passions by collecting stories from “all the top” sites on the web. …

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