Happiness is Infiltrating The Workplace

AlexWork happiness can no longer be stopped. The people are speaking and they want an environment that supports happiness. Work doesn’t need to be drudgery. People want to be treated with respect and they want to enjoy their job. It seems easy, but it can be difficult to implement because what makes one person happy can turn another into a grump. That’s why you need a professional.


UK HP has implemented a “Happy People” campaign with Alex Kjerulf leading the charge. This change, which has slowly taken over the workplace, was brought to the public’s awareness by Silicon Valley, where talent management is vital. Providing free food, dry cleaning, doctors, and so much more is becoming common in fast-growing technology companies. The competition for great workers is at an all time high and the best way to retain them is to create an awesome work environment.


Implementing small changes within your company can go a long way to creating an environment that fosters productivity and happiness.


My favorite Chief Happiness Officer article from Alex Kjerulf:


Why the Customer is Always Right Results in Bad Customer Service


Does your company do any creative happiness techniques that would help other companies make their work environment awesome?