Where is Your Focus

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What you focus on will determine how much joy you can extract from a situation. When you can focus your thoughts on enjoying the moment instead of trying to reach a goal, success will come naturally.


Creativity is vital to work happiness. If we can’t find a way to constantly improve we are just floating along bored out of our minds. LifeDev always gives me a new perspective on creativity. Thanks Glen – you rock!


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6 thoughts on “Where is Your Focus”

  1. I’m watching this video and I’m smiling because I honestly don’t think I can stop the “get from A to B, achieve results, as fast as you can” mindset. I’ve been so heavily conditioned to achieve, ever since I was tiny.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m working on it. But relaxing, slowing down and being in the moment do not come naturally to me.

  2. Stephen - Rat Race Trap

    Karl, I agree 1,000%! Slow down and relax and life gets better. It is really amazing. I speak from experience on this.

  3. Hi J.D. that’s a good point. When we focus on the things that matter we get more results.

    Hi Vered, I’m the same way. I want to go-go-go, but the more that I take the time to slow down and enjoy the moment I’m in the more that my stress level stays tolerable.

    Hi Stephen, life does get better. It takes a lot of practice, but worth the effort.

  4. Hi Karl,
    I just had a big project that culminated by implementation on Friday afternoon. And in the past, I may have been more likely to have been focused on getting everything done (which is still good), but at the expense of less focus on the relationships with everyone affected by this (in this case, the whole company). So, this past week, I focused less on making sure this was done as fast as possible, and more on communicating the changes to everyone – and in ways that highlighted that I would be available to work through any problems, and that we could address potential issues ahead of time. As such, the whole project has went very well (although Monday morning will be the real test!). I’ve spent some time this weekend working with some of the people we have traveling to make sure they are good with it – and that all goes back to the communication focus this time.

    So, I find this very fitting, Karl – to read today. As well, it has me thinking of another big project that is coming up to implementation – and one in which I know my focus can improve (and you’re helping to remind me of that today – even on projects I may not like as much – I still can choose where my focus will be – what am I choosing?). Thanks Karl!

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