A Work Happy Now Interview on Let It Flow

An interview is a wonderful way of understanding what you believe. You can’t prepare for random questions; you just have to say the first thing that pops in your head. Most of the time. We can’t say everything. Stacey of Let It Flow asked me some very interesting questions, so check out the half hour interview and listen to what we talked about.

Podcast Wednesday: Interview with Karl Staib of Work Happy Now

My favorite technique of Stacey’s was her ability to ask follow up questions that dug deeper into the subject of work happiness. There are millions of staged interviews, but they are always boring. Always! The best ones are when the conversation flows naturally. 

I think Stacey and I found a nice rhythm and you’ll be glad you took a half hour out of your day to listen.

Talking points:

  • Gratitude is vital to staying happy at work
  • Celebration should be done more often
  • Taking breaks helps relieve stress and improve our productivity


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Sometimes I need some motivation to think differently and Hunter Nuttall helps me find a new angle.


My work happiness project is forming into shape, so stay tuned because I’ll be helping you create your own work happiness project, building on all the great tools you already have.


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3 thoughts on “A Work Happy Now Interview on Let It Flow”

  1. Karl,

    Great interview!!! I really enjoyed hearing about how you got this blog started and could identify with a lot that you said, especially how we make our own happiness at work.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about your work happiness project:~)

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