Stress Relief for the Creative

I’ve signed up for Google Tech Talks. They are sent to my inbox each week. The video in this post is a great example of why Google is the work happy master. Your company could watch a Google video each week to help with stress relief, productivity, and work happiness. It’s a fantastic resource that we should all utilize.

They brought in the author of “Just Say Om” – Soren Gordhamer.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to better understand your mind
  • Why mediation is an awesome way to relieve stress
  • How to increase your focus during a difficult project
  • How to deal with your anger


Tomorrow I’ll be posting my one week update on “no complaining at work.”

6 thoughts on “Stress Relief for the Creative”

  1. I like the idea Soren shares about expanding time – and really be fully in the moments of all our moments of our life. The time we give to others – we can choose to give fully – and really get something out of those moments. In the busy-ness of life – this is a very good principle to follow in helping us best use the time we have available. Thanks for sharing this Karl – I’m going to look into getting these delivered too!

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