Emotional Tools for Better Working

How to Be a Woman at Work

Steve Pavlina wrote an article "How to Be a Man." At first I was like whatever. You can't put us all in a little box. As I read I understood his reasoning for his article. He wanted us to understand our true potential. He wrote about what all men are really capable of being if they …

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Use Your Imagination

Most of my earlier working life had been a struggle. I swung between complicated and simple perspectives, hardly ever straddling the middle. I was afraid to let go of my limited view because I thought that if I just simplified my work I would be happy. A simple life is good, but there will always …

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Positive Belief

It’s not positive thinking that makes people have a good outlook on life. It’s positive beliefs that build happy people. A person can think all the positive thoughts they want, but if they don’t truly believe them then they aren’t true for that person. You’ve probably met people who are good at what they do …

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