Emotional Tools for Better Working

You are Right Here

I was staring at my book shelf for I don’t know how long. Maybe 10 minutes. My mind was numb and I couldn’t get myself back on task. The shelf looked like it wanted to sit on me. Really. I felt like it wanted to grow legs, crawl on top of me and just sit …

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5 Tips to Overcome Daily Distractions

What distractions do you use to avoid doing your work? Try making a list of them. You’ll be surprised by how many different ways you let something distract you from your work.   My Top Ten Distractions: Email Espn.com My dog YouTube Facebook Twitter Sunny day Coffee TV Chatting with a friend.

Understanding Your Superpowers

A lot of people ask me how they can uncover their superpowers. Your superpowers are right before you every single minute of every day. The key is listening. That means listening to what your thoughts are doing when you walk into a room or talk to a co-worker. Your thoughts are going always going strong. …

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Freedom at Work is Relative

So many of my friends complain about the restrictions that work puts on them. They have to come in at a certain time, they don’t have the resources to make their projects successful or their co-workers are difficult. They don’t see how these obstacles are windows into their ability to feel happy. I do the …

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