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Use Small Experiments to Grow Your Business with Bryan Clayton

In this interview, you’ll learn about the frameworks that Bryan uses in his business. Bryan Clayton of GreenPal is the founder of the app. It helps connect people with lawncare service professionals. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when he talks about being able learn almost anything with the right motivation.

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Highlights from the interview:

  • What story defines who he is and why he has always had a chip on his shoulder.
  • How he built a company with over 150 employees.
  • Expanding outside your comfort zone when building a business.
  • Why he hires people who can push outside their comfort zone.
  • How he views the success of 300,000 people using his app.
  • Why we should be evolving ourselves.
  • Why our evolution of ourselves should change every year or two.
  • His emotional connection to doing right by his employees.
  • Why he couldn’t retire after he sold his business.
  • Why, down deep, he considers himself a lazy person. 
  • How focusing on fulfillment changed how he looks at his life and career.
  • Limiting beliefs hold you back if you aren’t aware of them.
  • Learning new skills.
  • How he stopped believing his own B.S.
  • Why he learned from people wealthier than him.
  • Why he looks at everything as an experiment. 
  • What mental framework you can use to get started on something that is hard.
  • The importance of continuous improvement in his business.
  • How to set success goals.
  • How he celebrates small wins.
  • Why the next milestone won’t create lasting happiness.
  • Personal psychology is half the battle when building a business.
  • When he’s stuck, he sets up tripwires to help him get back on track.
  • Why he needs somebody (accountability partner) to keep himself motivated.
  • How he keeps track of his goals.
  • Creating monthly goals in your business.
  • Why optimizing habits and routines is so important to his success
  • Focus on inputs to get the outputs right.
  • If you have sloppy personal habits, you will probably have sloppy business habits.
  • Creating multiple ways to measure something.
  • Looking at your current life from you from five years ago.
  • How he reframes the low points in his business.
  • Combining the spiritual and the tactical in your business.
  • What book and podcast he recommends to others.

You can learn more about Bryan over at GreenPal. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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