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A Twist on The Secret to Success with Tim Schurrer

In this interview, you’ll learn about how you can understand your definition of success and shift it to be more aligned with your truth. Tim Schurrer is an author, CEO of company, and podcast host who can help you redefine your view of success. One of my favorite parts of this is when he tells stories about leaders such as Tim Cook, who look to serve instead of be served.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why his life started in college.
  • He explains why he gave up on his dream to be a rockstar.
  • Why he looks at his failure of not becoming a rockstar as a gift to his life.
  • Asking yourself, “Are you demanding or attracting attention?”. Tim explains the difference.
  • Finding new talents while going after his dream.
  • Shifting to helping someone else with their dreams.
  • What great leaders do that separates them from good leaders.
  • Why he fell in love with the culture at Apple.
  • Letting go of a dream and forming a new dream.
  • The small choices that we make now add up to form our careers.
  • Cultivating our ability to understand our inner voice.
  • Apollo 11 story with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.
  • What Michael Collins says about flying around the moon waiting to pick up Neil and Buzz from the moon and come back to earth.
  • Understanding how we define success.
  • How we subconsciously live other people’s definitions of success if we aren’t careful.
  • Redefining our definition of success.
  • The work that you need to do to see if you are living in integrity with internal consistency.
  • Moving from a leading role to more of a supporting role.
  • The best CEOs find ways to serve more people and not be served.
  • Making the switch back into a lead role after being a servant leader for many years.
  • Letting go of the pressure of being a leader.
  • What is the secret society of success?
  • The story of Lebron James and how he set others up for success.
  • Why leaders think they give the appropriate amount of appreciation, but their employees don’t agree.
  • Understanding why you want what you want.

You can learn more about Tim over at Build a Winning Team. You can also connect with him over at LinkedIn.

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