Close up of Mic on stand. Interview with Desiree Adaway.

Conflict Drives Change with Desiree Adaway

In this interview, you’ll learn how to have difficult conversations so you grow stronger relationships. Desiree Adaway is the founder of the Adaway group. They consult with businesses to create an inclusive culture. One of my favorite parts of this interview was how we can stay in the right relationship even when in conflict.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why Desiree likes to have difficult conversations.
  • Staying connected during a conflict.
  • Understanding why deep change is possible.
  • Why conflict is essential to the change process.
  • Why she was afraid of conflict as a kid.
  • How Audre Lord taught her about her voice.
  • She shares Dr. Love’s four steps of consciousness.
  • Why we filter our thoughts to fit in with others.
  • Understanding what is the worst thing that will happen if we speak up.
  • Why playing it safe is not the answer.
  • Ask yourself, “Who benefits when I don’t speak up?”
  • Making room in the middle so we all have a chance to speak.
  • We can be in conflict and hold each other with great care.
  • How to look at the bigger picture instead of protecting our egos.
  • Why most of us don’t know how to apologize.
  • The power of putting yourself out there.
  • How not to worry about what other people think of us.
  • Why we must have conflict at work to drive positive change.
  • How to understand our expectations going into the meeting.
  • Talking about things that make us feel broken.

You can learn more about Desiree Adaway over at the Adaway Group. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn as well. 

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