Tell One Friend About Work Happy Now!

Tell a FriendLet’s spread the word. Say it loud and say it proud, Working happy is a right we all deserve!


When you come to this site, it’s free. All of this carefully constructed information to help you maximize your work happiness is available for free! Believe me, it takes up a lot of my time. So all I’m asking in return is a small favor. Tell one friend about working happy. That’s it.


All you have to do is casually, maybe over lunch or cup of coffee, tell them about the great work we are doing together. Believe me, some of my commenters are better writers than me, so they are as much a part of this site as I am.


By telling your friends about this site you’ll be helping them enjoy their working days just a little more. The perk is they won’t just meet up with you to complain. They will actually tell you about all the cool stuff that is happening to them because they are maximizing their work happiness, instead of letting work dictate how much fun they have.


And don’t forget to tell them about the RSS feed so they can get their daily Work Happy Now tips in regular intervals. 


Thanks and I appreciate your support.


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4 thoughts on “Tell One Friend About Work Happy Now!”

  1. Hi Barbara, we all need to spread the word about our blogs. Many of the blogs I read have such high quality content and they never get the attention that they deserve. It’s hard to ask for help, but we got to self promote or we won’t get noticed.

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