Just Be Cool Like a Little Fanzie

ScrubsI’ve been Netflixing the TV show Scrubs on DVD. What a great show! My wife and I finished season one and we were watching the bonus material. Donald Faison (Chris Turk) was being interviewed about the show and he said that the set only had one rule…


Don’t be an A**hole.


“When someone says that if you are an a**hole you are not going to be here for very much longer, you’d be surprised how much nicer people will be.”


I think we need to implement this rule at every company.


Anyone who has worked in human resources knows that the people who stay with a company are usually happy, communicate well and are liked by most of their co-workers. They don’t cause trouble, they encourage teamwork.


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7 thoughts on “Just Be Cool Like a Little Fanzie”

  1. Hey Marc and Angel, we should put a big sign up on the water cooler. Make sure that everyone knows we are serious. NO A**HOLES ALLOWED!

    Hey Barbara, I’ve worked in a place where a few bad co-workers bring everyone down. I ended up quitting because it was easier.

  2. Hey Shilpan, resistance is a good way to describe the emotional outlook of a jerk at work. Maybe they are afraid to relax and enjoy themselves. What ever it is they need to adjust their behavior or leave if they are that unhappy.

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