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Black beltsWe all get lazy at work and this only makes work more torturous. Sometimes we just don’t have the motivation to make a go of it. Check out Marc and Angel’s post, 9 Black Belt Techniques for Fighting Laziness at Work, to get a better understanding of how to become engaged and improve your work happiness.


Albert Einstein was a working happy genius who had a rough go of it in his early years. Shilpan over at Success School has a great post that can help you improve your life with a little energy and grit. Check out Albert Einstein’s 7 Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks.


A blogger that gets great joy out of helping others is Barbara from Blogging without a Blog. She pushes a blogger to become more interesting. My two favorite posts from her are


We all wish to be perfect in the job that we do, but we all know this is impossible. We need to wear people down with a small trickle until people just can’t resist us any longer. Drew McLellan has a great post on his blog, Perfect is the enemy of good (Jay Heyman). It will help you strive for good, which we all know eventually turns into great.


There are times that we need to slow down and take a new perspective on an old situation. Sara over at On Simplicity has a cool article about Elizabeth Taylor’s view on jewelry called What Elizabeth Taylor Can Teach Us About Simplicity. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it has a great angle.


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