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Stop Faking It with Greg Martin

In this interview, you’ll learn about how you can set yourself up for success if you want to make the leap into entrepreneurship. Greg Martin is a podcaster, investment advisor, and career expert. One of my favorite stories Greg shares is when he talks about the question he asks himself to ensure he is on track.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Greg shares why he went back to finance when the pandemic crushed his business.
  • Learning to appreciate what he had.
  • Why he started a podcast.
  • Leaping into entrepreneurship and how he tried to set himself up for success.
  • The framework that helps him understand what he wants.
  • Making uncomfortable choices because it helped him go after what he wanted.
  • Money wasn’t the driving force behind his decisions.
  • Why our egos can help us take on difficult tasks that we might otherwise avoid.
  • You don’t appreciate your opportunities into you really get into it.
  • Growing our self-awareness.
  • When you are not afraid to talk to people about their jobs you can learn how to grow your own career.
  • Getting good at pattern recognition, so you can make improvements that helps you grow your skills faster.
  • Writing down something about your day to help you remember important parts of your life.
  • Going back through your notes will help remind you of the things you did in your life and career.
  • Not faking happiness and being someone you’re not.
  • Being honest with yourself.
  • Making lists can help you figure out what you really want.
  • Are you genuinely enjoying your career?
  • The power of self-reflection.
  • What is our happiness scorecard?
  • It’s hard not to doubt yourself.
  • Accepting our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Finding opportunities in a job change.

You can learn more about Greg Martin over at Lifetime at Work. You can listen to his podcast as well over at Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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