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Commit to Fewer Things with Jay Clouse

In this interview, you’ll learn why committing to fewer things will help you grow faster. Jay Clause is an entrepreneur who helps creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses. One of my favorite stories is when he explains why he focuses on fewer things.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Jay shares why he wanted to be good at sports and he never was really good.
  • His internal motivation to be good at something.
  • Why he only does things that he can be competitively great at.
  • Committing to fewer things and extending his time horizon
  • Building on top of his strengths.
  • Saying “no” to things that don’t support his values.
  • Reminders that help him say “no” to more things.
  • Creating a feedback loop that helps you get to the heart of improving quickly.
  • Alexander Technique to help you with self-awareness.
  • What decisions he’s made that he struggles with.
  • His relationship with food.
  • Recognizing decisions that you are making or should make in your life.
  • How he uses a reflection process to grow his business.
  • What he does to keep himself accountable.
  • Why he thinks in experiments and how it helps him to grow his business.
  • The importance of celebrating wins and why it works so well.
  • Why he likes the tagline of the show Survivor.
  • He shares his values with us.
  • Treasure maps over funnels.
  • Working on understanding and letting go of his ego, so he can make better decisions.
  • Favorite book that he shares with people, podcast that helps him see things from a different angle, and favorite toy as a kid.

You can learn more about Jay Clouse over at his Creator Science website. You can also check out his podcast, Creator Science.

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