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Committed and Unattached with Leo Babauta

In this interview, you’ll learn how you can be committed and unattached to impact the world without getting hooked by your emotions. Leo Babauta is a best-selling author, blogger, and entrepreneur. He has millions of readers and shares some of his greatest frameworks to help you succeed in your career. 

Highlights from the interview:

  • Leo explains how he started Zen Habits and how he quit smoking.
  • Becoming aware of our urges is the first step to changing our habits.
  • Working with your inner voice, so you build a better relationship with yourself.
  • Where our negative inner voice comes from.
  • What he writes down and what his inner voice tells him when he wants to rationalize a decision.
  • How we fool ourselves into being hard on ourselves.
  • Balancing out our negative inner voice so we actually get things done.
  • Being committed and unattached. 
  • Why we don’t try our best on an important project.
  • How we can get off the hamster wheel of goals.
  • Facing the resistance that a big project has within it.
  • Showing up fully committed to the day.
  • How I learned to change my lens to learning to help me stay focused in a meeting.
  • Noticing perfectionist tendencies and letting go of it, so you can be more present and make better decisions.
  • How to let go of grasping for a certain outcome and focusing on this instead.
  • Training with uncertainty and fear will help us grow.
  • Why clients have the tools, but don’t actually make progress.
  • Sitting with uncomfortable feelings and how this practice can help us improve our productivity.
  • Favorite toy as a kid.

You can learn more about Leo over at Zen Habits. Check out his book, Essential Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change, Briefly (Amazon Link) You can also connect with him over at Twitter.

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