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The Fear of Being Wrong When Documenting with Adrienne Bellehumeur

In this interview, you’ll learn about why we are afraid to document their processes at work. Adrienne Bellehumeur is a documentation expert and the author of the 24 Hour Rule. One of my favorite stories is why people are afraid to document their own work.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Adrienne shares how she got started in her current career.
  • Why documenting her processes didn’t come easy to her.
  • Why we learn best when teaching other people.
  • Her documentation superpower saved how career.
  • The reason we don’t remember things well after 24 hours goes by.
  • Building the documentation habit so you improve your memory.
  • The best way to document processes in a company.
  • Developing the discipline to document your processes.
  • Why we can’t live in a fast-paced world without making time for reflection.
  • The brain knows how to process information.
  • The need to see progress and why small wins matter so much.
  • The five steps to powerful documentation.
  • How to create documents that aren’t dry as toast.
  • Leveraging documents.
  • Why we are afraid to document our processes.
  • Why writers aren’t afraid of deleting the first draft of their writing.
  • Working on your own documentation in your company.
  • Why templates are important to getting the most out of documentation.
  • Improving client delivery.
  • Use what you know.
  • How to look for potential issues.
  • How documentation should drive action.
  • What to do within 24 hours of an important meeting.
  • Check out her book – 24 Hour Rule.

You can learn more about Adrienne over at Bellehumeur Company. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn. You can also check out her book the 24 Hour Rule (Amazong Link).

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