Spreading the Work Happiness Message

Spreading the work happiness message to anyone and everyone has been an amazing experience. There are so many people who struggle to enjoy their jobs, so the faster I reach people the better. We should all be doing work that expresses our creativity.

That goes for plumbers, directors, and everyone who wants to work happy.

One of my favorite ways to promote work happiness is to take over a blog for a day. I’ve made it my mission in 2009 to take over 20 blogs by the end of the year. Ha ha ha (my evil laugh)

Here are some of my guest posts that have brought a little “work happiness” awareness to other bloggers’ readers.

Check out one and give it some love – comment, social thumbs up or pass it on to a friend. The Karma of work happiness will flow into your life. If it doesn’t just let me know and I’ll figure out a way to send some good Karma your way.

Zen Habits

Bad Habits Slap Us Down, But a Theme Encourages

Productivity books and websites talk about creating habits that support a better life.

If you think positive then you’ll have a better outlook on life.

If you exercise on a daily basis you’ll have more energy.

If you stay organized you’ll reduce stress.

The problem is creating the habit. It’s easy to read something that sounds good, but it’s infinitely harder to implement. We have trouble creating good habits because it’s easier to keep doing what we are doing.

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Successful Blog

How’s Your Relationship with Yourself?

To get yourself to the next level of your career, the most important development is to be able to communicate with yourself so honestly and effectively that every choice improves your life.

Wow! Every choice?

Yes, every choice can add or subtract to or from your career.

I’ve made many mistakes with my career, but one thing I pride myself on is the fact that I never settled for less than what I really wanted. I wanted a career in teaching and I found it. I wanted a creative career I landed it. I wanted a people interactive career and I got it.

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Listen to Your Career Vibrations

So your career just isn’t living up to its hype. Maybe it’s the workplace or maybe it’s you, but something has to change. This is common. I’ve gone through this problem quite a few times.

When I graduated from college I was raring to go. My first job was in the valve industry. I just couldn’t take the torture; creativity was in my blood and the job wasn’t satisfying my needs. I was a poet damn it!, not someone who could sell valves for a living.

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Positivity Blog

How to Create Positive Thought Rhythms

There is no such thing as perfect happiness because it varies widely. That’s the beauty of honing your ability to enjoy life. It strengthens your mind to adapt to new ideas.

“We are what we focus on.”

In other words: The people who practice happiness every day are the people who bring happiness into their lives.

Since you are reading this you probably have a healthy brain, which will allow you to create a positive rhythm for your thoughts.

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Marketing Minute

The best kind of marketing

What’s the best kind of marketing? Easy. Word of mouth marketing. The reason it’s so good… it’s relevant to the consumer. We relate to what our friends like.

We want to own what makes our friends happy because we believe it will make us happy too. If my friend buys the latest U2 album from iTunes, I’ll be more likely to hear it in his car, enjoy it and want it too.

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If you enjoyed these articles then I really appreciate your taste.

5 thoughts on “Spreading the Work Happiness Message”

  1. Great message… I’ve read somewhere that when your work doesn’t feel like work, it’s your calling. You should be enjoying yourself while earning money. I’d rather not be in a job that can make me a millionaire if I can’t even have fun (or have time) spending it.

  2. Before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water, after enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water. A proverb I read that seems so appropriate. It’s not the job, it’s your attitude towards it that makes the difference.

  3. Hi Imee, I think a lot of people are trying to find that money vs enjoyment balance. I’m with you. I don’t care how much money I’m making if I can’t spend time with the people I love.

    Hi Cody, attitude is 99.9% of the battle.

    Hi Nathan, one guest post at a time. 🙂

  4. I like your mission and that’s a great roundup of your guest posts.

    I think showing up in other places does help spread the message farther and wider.

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