Work Happy Tip – Remember 3 Good Things

remember-3-goodThere will be days when there seems like nothing is going well. The back pain is flairing, the co-worker next to you finds it funny when he is a little extra annoying, and you can’t seem to get anything done (constantly interrupted).

A few weeks ago I felt like this and I remembered a great technique that always helps.

Remember 3 Good Things

I learned this trick from my friend Alex.

At the end of your day on your commute home (or if you work from home before you leave your home office) – remember 3 good things that happened to you that day.

They can be the tiniest things ever.

They could be:

– The cup of coffee you had this morning.

– The bird chirping outside your window.

– The smile of the new hire, so wet behind the ears that it’s fun to watch.

Whatever you can find, just focus on those three things and watch what happens. You’ll notice your mood change in a positive way.

This is a natural reaction. When you focus on the good stuff in your day, it’s a little reminder that there are good things in your life.

What are 3 good things that have happened in your day so far? Let’s talk in the comments section.

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* Chris Brogan wrote a wonderful piece that made me want to work for him. He wants to help businesses develop their soul. It was beautiful. Go check it out – Soul of a New Business.

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7 thoughts on “Work Happy Tip – Remember 3 Good Things”

  1. Hi Karl: Gratitude is an excellent exercise for turning negative feelings into positive ones. I recently learned about the gratitude walk: go for a walk and find at least ten things to be grateful for (the warmth of the sun, a beautiful scene, and so on).

  2. This is great advice, Karl! It reminds me of the gratitude exercise we’re taught to do, which also shifts our focus. I know two women who wake up every day and spend 10 minutes in bed giving thanks for all the great stuff in their lives. They said it’s changed the way they think, act and process the rest of their day.

    Three great things for me would be:
    – my magical shoveling job which takes me back to days when I was a kid and intrigued by sparkly snow, the smell of the cool winter air, and absolute peace & quiet
    – fat free half & half in my chai latte today
    – talking to my brother, who I love dearly and see more of myself in every single day (we weren’t always so close)

  3. Hi Karl!
    It really IS the little things, positive to-be-grateful-for little things that we need to really SEE. Why we focus on what went wrong and the negatives all the time just goes to show us how negative we can be altogether. This, Karl, is totally right on – and SO refreshing!!!!

    Keep on shining your light!!!! It is so needed – and appreciated!

  4. Hi Karl,

    This is such great advice. To make the most out of life, we need to realize all the blessings that we have. So often people focus on what they are lacking, they do not see what they have. My three wonderful things that happened so far today are:

    1. A yummy soy gingerbread latte with a very close friend.
    2. The same friend mentioned in #1 gave me a belated birthday present which was just an awesome present.
    3. The sun is shining today and it is just beautiful!

  5. I started out my new year more stressed than I wanted to be and by the start of this week I was already feeling a little helpless and out of control. I was thinking about writing in a journal to help clear my head, but it seemed like another chore in my already overstretched days. Then I remembered reading your 3 good things post late last year and thought, ‘I could at least do that’.
    After only four days, the difference is amazing – I’m forced to focus on the positives rather than the stressors, not only at night when I sit down to write, but all through the day when good things happen – I’ve even started to wish I was allowed space for five good things, or ten, or more!

    Thanks for the wonderful tip and helping to remind me how much I have to be grateful for!

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    Karl’s other article, he quoted “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” Think of this. just looking the bright side of everything and you’ll find happiness on it.

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