Guest Posting Over at The Bold Life

tess-295x300Tess is a dear friend who has taught me a lot about blogging and building community. I’m always amazed by how many comments she gets on her posts.

I love how she starts each blog post:

Warning! My blog will challenge you to be more, give more, live fearlessly, take more chances and show up in the world unstoppable, daring and bold.

Her about page is also interesting. She chronicles her struggles to show you that she has chosen a bold life for a reason.

Here is a little excerpt from this page.

Our continuous bold action to make good things happen is why we have been so successful. Currently I work as an affordable coach. I started The Bold Life because I wanted to share the knowledge and power of bold living. We all make choices in our lives that either hold us back or keep us growing forward. We all have the opportunity to take bold action and make our dreams happen.

I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone.

I’m guest posting on her blog right now, so go over and check it out and join in on the conversation. I know Tess would appreciate it. The post is called – Local Grocery Store’s Happiest Employee.

Comments are turned off, so you can join us over at The Bold Life.

See you there. πŸ™‚