Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Little Trooper Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

The week of cold, colds, and arriving back home.

I got so sick this past week and at times it was hard to deal with, but the more work I put into my own happiness (work or personal life), the more I just roll with whatever the universe throws at me. It has become beautiful to watch my own growth.

The pain doesn’t reach as deep as it once did. It’s because the core me has become happier and even the most painful things can be spun into a positive.

I’m a positive weaver and I’m not turning back.

That’s why I started this work happiness journey: to improve my happiness as well as the happiness of the people in my life. Yes, I’m talking about you. Hopefully you are a little happier, armed with fresh ideas about making your work happiness a reality. And when you improve your work happiness, you improve your whole life.

Alright enough of me patting my own back.

Let’s begin…


Trying to implement good ideas very quickly.

I get caught up in trying to make my ideas perfect and then I don’t get the good ideas out there quickly enough. I don’t procrastinate as much as I used to, but I still take too much time to get it done.

For example, I’ve been wanting to create a resource page for a while now. I want to have a page that people can go to that has posters, ebooks, and other items that can help them with their work happiness. It is totally free and helpful.

It’s a good idea, but it has taken me months to actually do it. I mean it only actually took me a day to put it all together and launch it. I finally got a kick in the butt from a friend and it spurred me into action.

Aren’t “kick butt” friends the best?


Jumping from one party to the next. There has been something always going on for the past few days. Who am I kidding, it’s more like weeks. 🙂

It’s tough saying no to friends because I know how much fun I’ll have when we hang out. I love the food, laughter and showing everyone how I can make my son smile. He just gets this wonderful gleam in his eyes when I lift him in the air and tell him how big he is.

Then I look out into the crowd watching me do this little scene and they light up too. I hear them laughing and it just fills me with happiness.


My son dealing with being sick.

This little trooper barely complains. He has a runny nose, a bad cough and trouble breathing but it doesn’t stop him from enjoying life.

He still loves to laugh, chew on his plastic turtle head, and eat pureed sweet potatoes. He just rolls with life and keeps on enjoying.

I know that I have a lot of learning about happiness when I’m learning from my 5 month old son. 🙂

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

* Need a boost to your work happiness? Then check out the Happy at Work Project and start one yourself.

* Havi of the Fluent Self wrote a wonderful piece called Throwing out the epiphanies. Need I say more. Go check it out.
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5 thoughts on “Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Little Trooper Edition”

  1. Hard: Because of my ADHD I mess up paperwork and details. I finished tutoring 9 kids in reading and I messed up all the attendance sheets. Arggghhh!

    The Fun: Seeing their faces light up because they knew the answers when they took their post-test! I bought sticker books, flash cards and glittery pencils as a “you did great” gift.

    The Beautiful: Being of service. I know these kids will take their reading skills and new confidence into each area of their lives. The three 8th grade boys said “I was their best tutor ever.” One came to the U.S. from Columbia 3 years ago with his older siblings. His 23 year old brother told him, when he arrived not to go to school because he didn’t know English.” I had no idea because his English is amazing for only three years.

    I’m going to volunteer for the http://www.peanutbutterplan.org Jan. 21st. Everyone purchases bread, peanut butter and jelly and gets together to make PB&J sandwiches. Then we hand them out to the homeless…again being of service and having fun and meeting new people at the same time. Isn’t life grand?

  2. Kick butt friends ARE the best!

    Hard: Death in the family.

    Fun: Karaoke with my father, sister, niece and nephew

    Beautiful: taking a moment by myself to celebrate the friends, family and people I have in my life.

    All in all, though a great start to 2010!

  3. Hard: A painful meeting on a project I have no interest in.

    Fun: A night out dancing last night!

    Beautiful: A planning meeting for an upcoming basketball tournament, where everything went super smooth, and everything is falling right into place.

    Kids are real troopers…and sure sounds like your son fits that to a T! He can have all the pureed sweet potatoes he wants…I think I’ll pass!! Have a great weekend Karl!

  4. Hi Tess, ADHD is difficult to deal with, so don’t bee too hard on yourself. That’s great to hear you are the best tutor ever. You must be really good.

    Hi Stacey, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully the Karaoke took your mind off it for a little while.

    Hi Lance, Painful meetings are the worst. Time just stands still. I never knew you danced. I bet you can really cut a rug. 🙂

  5. Karl….still getting back on track after the holidays…so happy to be back here!
    Hard: Sad news about a family in my daughter’s school
    Fun: Sledding with the kids. Sledding really is incredibly beautiful and tremendously fun! I watched my daughter go in a sled with her friend (by themselves) for the first time…very wonderful!
    Beautiful: Teaching Laughter Yoga at a retiremement community and asking them to recall a favorite pastime that they do not get to do any more and laugh as they pantomimed it. Each person’s face came alive. Very inspiring!

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