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Planning for the Unthinkable with Julee Yokoyama

In this interview, you’ll learn why proactive planning is so important. Julee Yokoyama is a Succession Planner for business owners. One of my favorite parts of the interview she explains why people are afraid to plan for what happens if they die or get sick and what people need to do in their absence.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How she dealt with the passing of her grandfather and how it encouraged to go into succession planning.
  • Why she become such a keen observer of the world around her.
  • Her family’s lack of planning shaped how she viewed her career.
  • How she avoided the negative patterns that she grew up witnessing.
  • Breaking things down so you take action.
  • Identifying what is in the shadows that is holding us back from taking action.
  • Probability and impact matrix.
  • Letting go of the tasks and projects that aren’t going to help us build our businesses.
  • Making things actionable so you do them instead of procrastinating.
  • The practice of ranking projects and tasks so we have a clear priority list.
  • Avoidance is not a strategy. It is a crisis in waiting.
  • Proactive planning in your business.
  • Why aren’t we more proactive about your succession plan in our business?
  • Why we are afraid to dream big.
  • She discusses the fears we have around succession planning.
  • She has had a lot of losses in her life and how it’s influenced her work in succession planning.
  • Why she had the thought, “What if I died on this plane?” and how it changed her life.
  • How Yoga helped her process her feelings.
  • What it’s like to sit down with someone and talk about death.
  • How a client dealt with a major fall from a horse and the mental health issues she had.
  • The importance of being rooted in your why.
  • Most shared book and favorite podcast. 

You can learn more about Julee Yokoyama over at Project C.Y.A. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

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