Daily Body Scan


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So many of us work like crazy and don’t realize the damage that we are doing to our bodies. When we hunch over at a computer or take shallow breaths, we aren’t creating an optimal situation that allows us to feel good. That’s what happiness is all about – feeling good.

We need to learn to do a “Daily Body Scan” to check in with how we are feeling. When we do this, we can avoid back problems and low motivation, which will result in greater happiness in our working lives.

My hope is that you get so hooked to a daily body scan that it turns into a once an hour body scan. The more aware you are of your body’s signals, the easier it is to be happy.


As a blogger I’m always looking to improve, and Kristi of Kikolani always gives me a fresh perspective on social media and building my community.


I’m getting so close to giving you some fantastic resources that will help you improve your happiness at work. They will be easy to use and fun for the whole family, so stay tuned for The Work Happiness Project.


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7 thoughts on “Daily Body Scan”

  1. Hi Karl,

    It sure can be easy to get “caught up” in whatever it is we’re doing – and lose focus on our bodies. I know I have. This is a great reminder to take some time to focus on our whole self. Afternoon sounds like a great time for something like this, to break up the lull we may have slipped into (inadvertently) and to give our physical body a little attention. I liking the sound of this!

  2. I do something similar to the “body scan” and include some deep breathing as a destressor. When I do this during the workday, I find that I don’t bring my work-related tensions home.

  3. What a wonderful way to “grab” stress before it grabs us. I will implement it at once.

    Karen Chaffee

  4. Hi Lance, giving our physical body a little attention will give us knowledge that will magnify our work happiness.

    Hi GinaFred, yes. A little deep breathing is a great way to get in touch with your bodies and relieve stress.

    Hi Karen, great! Let me know how it feels.

  5. Hi Karl, a couple of years ago the lady I go to for occasional massage therapy gave me a printout of “desk stretches” to do at work. It was pinned to my wall for a long time. It really did make a difference. I work at home now and I am so bad with the bad posture at my desk. Sometimes I sit there for hours without getting up. Not good! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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