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How Great Leaders Give Praise with Barrett Brooks

In this interview, you’ll learn about how you can lead people from a place of empathy and make sure they understand your expectations on what they need to accomplish. Barrett Brooks is an executive coach and speaker. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when he explains how to lead an employee that is struggling, so they understand the expectations of the company and still feel cared for by the leader.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Barrett explains how investing in his mental well being was so important to improving his career.
  • How drinking played a major role in adjusting his path in life.
  • Being surrounded by mentor figures who were willing to invest in him.
  • Why we don’t feel worthy of leading others.
  • Why stepping into leadership opportunities was so important to improving how he handled his life.
  • Understanding the voice in our own heads so we can become more aware.
  • Being curious about the people around us.
  • Growing the positive perspective that helps you make better decisions.
  • Making time to process the pain so you can move on.
  • Getting to a place that helped him fully feel his past pain.
  • How much tolerance do we need to grow our relationships?
  • False expectations can turn into false assumptions.
  • Working in between therapy sessions.
  • Developing your empathy muscle.
  • Helping people show up in life even when they are having a difficult time.
  • Acknowledging and process things that went previously unacknowledged.
  • How journaling helps you deal with your pain.
  • The life-blood of company culture.
  • Understanding what you should share with employees and what you should share with them.
  • The myth of too much praise.
  • Why leaders woefully under express gratitude.
  • The three most powerful questions to build better relationships.

You can learn more about Barrett over at his website – Barrett Brooks. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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