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Doing Less Better with Randi Roberts

In this interview, you’ll learn about how our inner voices can hold us back. Randi Roberts is an executive coach who speaks from her truth. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when she talks about taking a step back from her planning, so she makes time to notice how she is making a difference.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Randi Shares why speaking your truth will lead you to the right place.
  • Being in the moment during a conversation will help you get better outcomes.
  • Understanding what is true for you.
  • The shame of regret is a powerful tool to help you make better decisions.
  • Why she managers her career in two year chunks.
  • Building relationships that is about giving more than getting from others.
  • How her inner voice was holding her back and what she did to overcome this issue.
  • Why fear drives many of our decisions.
  • The importance of checking in with yourself to make a proper plan.
  • Digging into where you are at with your goal so you can make wiser decisions.
  • Sometimes it’s about doing less stuff, so you can do the important things better.
  • Thinking about where we want to be in our life.
  • Taking a step back in your planning so you are noticing where you are making the biggest difference.
  • Understanding the role that money plays in our lives.
  • What is the most common career struggle.
  • How to get out of our own way.
  • Why rejection should not bother us as much as it does.
  • How to make taking the risk easier next time.

You can learn more about Randi over at Randi Roberts Coaching. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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