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Core Principles Decision-Making with Bruce Ballengee

In this interview, you’ll learn about reframing the problem so you find the best solution. Bruce Ballengee is the founder of Pariveda Solutions. One of my favorite parts of this interview is his story about how he and his wife were arguing in the car.  The interesting part is how his wife reframed the situation to help his children see how arguing can be done well.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why Bruce thought he wasn’t smart enough to follow in his Mom or Dad’s career path.
  • How to break a problem down to understand it better.
  • Making the complex simple.
  • He shares a great story that explains how he helped a shipping company look at an issue from a new angle.
  • Reframing the problem by reframing the problem.
  • Learning about yourself so you are more emotionally intelligent.
  • Courageously curious.
  • Practicing curiosity.
  • How to stop looking at yourself as the expert so you see things from a fresh perspective.
  • Beginners mind.
  • A story about how he was arguing with his wife and how his wife framed it for their kids, so they see fighting can be done in a healthy way.
  • Why he tells his employees that he is the most imperfect employee.
  • Help employees create space to share how they are feeling.
  • How he handles his inner voice.
  • Understanding other people’s internal views of themselves.
  • Helping people become more aware of themselves.
  • Creating courageous space for employees.
  • Cultivating our lens on a difficult situation.
  • Why we need to give ourselves grace when we mess up.
  • Letting people make the decision on their own.

You can learn more about Bruce over at Pariveda Solutions. You can also connect with him over at LinkedIn as well.

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